Green Clover Bonbons

Maker of Artisan Bonbons, Handcrafted in Texas

At Boujee Bonbon, we are a maker of artisan bonbons located in San Antonio, Texas. Our specialty is hand-made bonbons, chocolates and fine confections. These amazing creations are exclusively available in our online shop and at select locations. We also offer limited delivery for our local customers in San Antonio.

Boujee Bonbon is the creation of Chef Ike, a farmer and food lover who has always enjoyed discovering fine chocolates. For years, Chef Ike has sought the best confections on his travels throughout the world. As a chef, he discovered the secret to creating the finest specialty chocolate. In doing so, Chef Ike created the perfect intertwinement of his three loves: art, science, and food.

Chef Ike Frerichs, master chocolatier and maker of the finest artisan bonbons.

Meet the Chocolatier

Chef Ike

Chef Ike, master chocolatier is the creative mind behind each incredibly beautiful and delicious artisan chocolate bonbon from Boujee Bonbon. The chef brings over three decades of culinary mastery to the world of fine chocolates and confections. As head chocolatier for Boujee Bonbon, Chef Ike leans on his extensive knowledge of flavor combinations, textures, and presentation to craft the finest chocolates. His skill in combining unique flavors and textures to create interesting and amazing gastronomic delights is unmatched.

For years, Chef Ike has been honing his craft in the pursuit of the richest and most engaging flavor profiles. Now, his unbelievably beautiful and delectable creations are available to the world. Chef Ike’s unmatched creations are sure to become favorites of all who see and taste these amazing bonbons. Visit the Boujee Bonbon Shop to check out and taste these amazing delights for yourself!